Mapping Table

Mapping Table

What is the mapping table used for?

The mapping table is used to convert email addresses everywhere it is needed.
It is used to convert email addresses found during the migration.

For Mail Migration, it is used to convert email addresses in:

  • Mail headers
  • Contacts
  • appoitnments (Calendar entries)

For Drive Migration, Sites, Groups and Teams migration:

  • It is used to convert permissions and metadata (CreatedBy, ModifiedBy)

Important Note:

Be carefull: if the mapping table is incorrect or incomplete, you migration data may get corrupted.
If an entry is missing in the mapping table, the email address found in data to migrate will not be converted.

For permission migrations, this would be impacting since the permission will not be migrated.
For instance, if a permission is given to and there is no corresponding entry in the mapping table, the address will not be converted to and the engine will try to push The target may reject it and return entry does not exist.

If you modify the mapping table after the migration, the missing permission will not be remigrated because only modifications that occured in the source document are pushed during delta passes.
If the product does not detect a change in the source document between 2 passes, the document will not be pushed again and the permissions will not be reapplied.

So be carefull. The mapping table is a key component to a success migration and you should ensure that it is correctly filled prior to starting your migration.

How to Edit the Mapping table.

Mapping table entries are automatically added to the list when you create a user to migrate from the mail migration or file migration area.
You can also add mapping entries manually or import them through a CSV file.

File Format

test;user1;;;test user;0
;;;; My test group 2;1

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