What is Cloudiway?

Cloudiway is a unique SaaS migration and coexistence platform that allows businesses to move data and content from one environment to another. No software or hardware is required, the tool is ready to use and easy to configure.

Many migration projects are supported with G Suite, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Amazon… and a large choice of items can be moved: mailboxes, files, collaborative sites, archives and lots more.

Cloudiway platform: apps.cloudiway.com

Cloudiway website: cloudiway.com

Cloudiway help center: kb.cloudiway.com

Why Choose Cloudiway?

One of the principal advantages of Cloudiway is the high level of automation that you get in a user-friendly interface.  Unlike on-premise solutions such as Codetwo, and Cloudmigrator,  Cloudiway SaaS solution has no installation costs and no hidden fees. You don’t need to bother with server installation, virtual machine configuration or local agent deployment…

Easy to use and simple to configure, no heavy training or complex know-how is required to enjoy the interface and start a project. Cloudiway is known to provide the most complete toolset to migrate a large range of supported items: mailboxes, drives, groups, sites, achieves…

Our support team is located in the same office than our development team, speeding up the process in case of troubleshooting. In addition to our support services, our team is available to chat and answer your questions and help you define the right solution for your project.


What are Cloudiway’ features?

Cloudiway platform has an extensive list of tools and features, as it is constantly evolving, this list is constantly growing 😀

Available tools:

  • Mailbox migration
  • File/drive migration
  • Collaboration site migration
  • Groups migration
  • Archive migration
  • Enterprise coexistence
    • Calendar free/busy synchronization for users on different systems
    • Mail routing to share a single domain between two tenants
    • GALsync to automatically synchronize global address lists


  • Audit your architecture
  • Import user list
  • Import site list
  • Set automated global actions
  • Create batch of users
  • Management filters
  • Smart troubleshooting with direct link to the help center
  • Dashboards and monitoring

We’re always improving and adding new features to the platform, follow us on Social Media and check out our News & Press articles to learn what’s new 💡

When was Cloudiway first released?

Cloudiway started out life after a fork of software called CloudAnywhere created by Emmanuel Dreux. The first version was released in 2010.

Meet Cloudiway - A powerful and automated migration and coexistence platform. We support G Suite, Office 365, Zimbra, Lotus and lots more...
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