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G Suite to Office 365

This article explains how to migrate your mailboxes from Google Apps to Office 365.

Connect to Cloudiway Migration Platform

Step 1: Create a source connector in Cloudiway of type Gmail.

Click on Mail Migration -> Sources and click on New.
Select a Gmail connector.
Note: You can also start the wizard and select this migration scenario.

Follow this article to configure the service account.

Step 2: Create a target connector of type Office 365

In a similar way that you created a source connector, click on Targets and then create a target connector of type Office 365.

Define a migration account and give it impersonation permissions in Office 365.
Note: This task is performed automatically in Cloudiway (only if the migration account is also administrator of the tenant. If this is not the case, manually set the permissions by following : How to set impersonation in Office 365).

Step 3: Configure the mail migration global settings

Step 4: Migrate

Create your users by using different options under Manage button. Select users to migrate or audit and click on Migration->Start/Audit. The task starts automatically.

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