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Exchange to Office 365

This article explains how to migrate Exchange server to Office 365 using Cloudiway.

1. Create a source connector

Click on Mail Migration > Sources and click on New.
Select an Exchange connector.
Note: You can also start the wizard and select this migration scenario.

During migration from or to Exchange 2007 or greater, we use impersonation to access mailboxes. The migration account defined in the connector doesn’t have to be administrator.

However, for 2010 or greater, the account must be assigned the Application Impersonation rights.

In some circumstances, for example, in hosted environments, you might not get access to an account with impersonation priviledges. In this case, use the Self-migration option.

2. Create a target connector

In a similar way that you created a source connector, click on Targets and then create a target connector.

3. Set your global settings

Set what you want to migrate and eventually between which range of dates.

4. Create your users in the Mail User List

You can use different options available under Manage button to create your users in the Cloudiway platform.

5. Migrate

Select your users, eventually order them by batches and click on Start to start the migration.

You can also start an Audit task before the migration to identify the size of your mailboxes.

That’s it. Enjoy your migration.

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