migration strategy

Migration Strategies: Cutover VS Staged

Two of the most common migration strategies are cutover and staged migrations. Cutover strategies involve migrating all mailboxes over a weekend, ready for your users on Monday morning. Staged strate...

Starting with fresh mailboxes after migration

One alternative to the migration path mentioned in other articles is to start with empty mailboxes and migrate just the last X days of mails (for example, 30 days of mails). Once the cut-over is compl...

Pre-staging migration

What is a Pre-staging migration? A pre-staging migration is a multipass migration where you will migrate most of the mailbox items before the final cut-over.

Big bang (one shot) migration

Big bang (one shot) migration This scenario is the simplest to implement. After you have switched your MX records to point to the new system, you start mailbox migration.

Introduction to migration paths

There are several ways to migrate your messaging system. This article gives a short introduction to the different options.

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