How to migrate from Godaddy

How to migrate from GodaddyThis article explains how to create a migration account that will allow to migrate from GoDaddy.

The attempted action requires shared drive membership

When migrating Google Team Drives, you’re hitting the following error : [FATAL_ERROR] Fatal error during migration process: Google Api Error Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError The attempted action requires shared drive membership. [403] Errors [ Message[The attempted action requires shared drive membership.] Location[ – ] Reason[teamDriveMembershipRequired] Domain[global]

Troubleshoot permissions or membership migration issues

During a migration, you may hit 2 distinct problems, very similar in the resolution: Migration of permission issue: one or more permissions may not be migrated Migration of group membership issue during a group or a site migration. For troubleshooting these issues, please follow these steps and if necessary, open a ticket to our support […]

Can’t find any GAL synchronized contact in G Suite

Problem You synchronized to your google tenant and want to check data but can’t find any contact.   Cause You miss some configuration to your google tenant.   Resolution   On Google Admin Panel, go to “Settings for Directory” or type “Contact sharing” in search bar. Select “Show both domain profiles and domain shared contacts”

Google connector: 403 error: “Only administrators can request entries belonging to {domain}.”

Problem In the logs you noticed a following error : “code”: 403, “message”: “Only administrators can request entries belonging to {domain}.” Cause Account provided doesn’t have the permission to perform the action Resolution Generally, set more permission to the account. In the case of Galsync, Turn on Contact Sharing Give permission”Directory settings” to the account

The group alias already exists

You are migrating to Office 365 teams or groups and you are hitting the following error message: “The group alias already exists”.

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