How to remigrate a mailbox (or drive or site or team)

The principle of delta pass is that already migrated items are never migrated again to avoid duplicates. Therefore, you cannot reuse the same license to migrate 2 times the same mailbox. If you want to remigrate a second time the same mailbox, you have to delete the user from the cloudiway user list, recreate him […]

How to migrate from Godaddy

How to migrate from GodaddyThis article explains how to create a migration account that will allow to migrate from GoDaddy.

2 ways to count how many Site Collections you have

Before you want to migrate your SharePoint site collections, you may want to count the number of active classic site collections. They are two quick and easy ways to check how many site collections are in your account. Connect to your Office account: 1. Classic site collection page The second method is by going […]

Managed Migration – How to transfer a domain between Office 365 tenants?

During a managed migration tasks performed in the admin console of the tenant and/or DNS are not included in Cloudiway services. Please find below the scope of work to be done by the customer to transfer the domain between Office 365 tenants: Color code: Customer Responsability / Cloudiway Consultant Responsability Before the switch, modify MX record TTL to […]

How to migrate files into a specific folder

To migrate file data in a specific folder, you need only to specify the path where you want to migrate in the “Edit User” interface. Example: If you want to migrate in a folder called “Specific Folder” that exits under the root document “Files”:   Remarks: If the “Specific Folder” does not exist, it will […]

How to add Impersonation rights with the scope?

This article explains how to add impersonation rights for several users in your Exchange (Office 365) environment. If your users are located within the same OU there is no need to create a scope. We can assign the impersonation permission directly to this specific OU If your users are not located within the same OU […]

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