Getting Started

Migrate LegacyExchangeDN

Cloudiway platforms provides a global task to migrate the legacyExchangeDN. This article explains where and when to use it.

Trial license limitations

When you are using our platform for the first time, you have access to Trial Licenses for Mail and File. You have to know that some limitations are applied. Mail Migration There is only a size limitation of 100 MB. All kind of items are migrated (same as standard license). Remarks: The migration will stop […]

How do I assign licenses or data quotas to my project?

Step 1: assign to your project 1. Go to your project list (here). 2. Click on a project line (Select your project). 3. Click on “Assign Licenses” or “Assign Quotas” at the bottom of the screen. Note: For quotas assignation, Step 1 is sufficient and Step 2 in not necessary Step 2: assign to your […]

How do I create a project on Cloudiway platform?

Register and Log into your account on   Click on the Create button at the bottom of the page Enter your Project name and choose the country where the project is located You can allow external access to your project by ticking the box below. These credentials can be used by other individuals involved into a project. […]

How do I create an account on Cloudiway platform?

It’s free and really easy to join in Cloudiway migration and coexistence platform. Creating an account gives you access to our Free trial and Free support ticket service. Tip: We recommend not creating more than one account to keep all information in one place. You can allow access to your project to external users, learn […]

First step into enterprise coexistence

This setup guide provides the necessary steps to configure the Cloudiway enterprise coexistence platform that allows free/busy lookups across systems. Before trying to configure your coexistence, contact to activate your trial, and we will work with you to ensure your coexistence go-live plan goes ahead as expected. Please note that any further configuration steps […]

How to purchase licenses in Cloudiway Platform ?

This article explains how to purchase licenses in Cloudiway Platform. To purchase licenses, log into your account at Then click on the “Buy” button on the account menu. Add the licenses to the cart by choosing the required number of licenses. Check the Pricing summary and click on Next. Check the company’s details and […]

How do I pay an Invoice ?

This article explains how to pay an invoice in Cloudiway Platform   You should use this procedure in case if you need to pay an invoice already prepared by our sales team. To pay your invoice, log into your account at Then click on the “Invoice” button on the account menu. Click on the Pay […]

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