General Information

About Cloudiway Performance

Performance There are several considerations regarding email migration performance. The Cloudiway migration platform uses all available resources to provide the fastest migration possible and can support both small and large migrations. The on-demand migration engine allocates the capacity that you need to migrate the volume of data of your choice in the time slot you […]

About Cloudiway Security

Security We take your privacy and security seriously at Cloudiway, and we have invested significant effort into making our platform and your data secure. Cloudiway provides a cloud-based application hosted on Windows Azure. It means that the software and data are centrally hosted and accessed by clients using a web browser and internet connection. In […]

Limits Of Support

Support is included in the Licence Fee, however, Cloudiway shall have no obligation to provide unlimited technical support and we reserve the right to charge additional support and/or consulting services.

Consulting services vs Support

While both focus on helping customers, the difference between consulting services and support is that consulting services is a specific type of customer service involving other skills than documentation, product feedback, and technical problem-solving. The support agent links the customer to documentation written and/or walks the customer through the appropriate steps. In comparison, consultants are more involved with the end-to-end customer […]

Managed Migration – How to transfer a domain between Office 365 tenants?

During a managed migration tasks performed in the admin console of the tenant and/or DNS are not included in Cloudiway services. Please find below the scope of work to be done by the customer to transfer the domain between Office 365 tenants: Color code: Customer Responsability / Cloudiway Consultant Responsability Before the switch, modify MX record TTL to […]

About Cloudiway Licensing

To use the platform for a migration project: A Standard Mail or File Migration License for each user is required. While a file migration license is limited to 25 GB each, when you buy multiple licenses the limit is really an average size of Drive accounts. E.g. If the total size of the Drives is […]

Mailbox migration tool

Powerful and online Cloudiway’s mailbox migration tool helps businesses perform technical migrations through a simple SaaS interface. Available from a simple web browser, Cloudiway’s mailbox migration tool requires no additional software installation or overhead, and migrations can be performed securely and quickly. The easiest mailbox migration tool Enjoy the automated process with the friendly interface has Cloudiway […]

How Long Are Migration Records Kept?

The Cloudiway migration platform is designed as a migration engine, not a long-term synchronization tool (our coexistence platform may be used for long-term sharing of data between different systems). Therefore the migration data is regularly deleted. There are two possibilities: You choose to delete migration data at the end of your migration project If you […]

How does the Free/busy work?

Free/busy is part of the coexistence range of tools: it manages cross-platform communication with no impact on the end user. It provides a seamless connection between vastly different remote systems, such as G Suite (Google Apps), Office 365 and Exchange. Free/busy lookup service allows the end user to query calendar availability through two or more […]

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