Account Settings

Set the Google feeds for mail, drive, site migration and Gal sync.

This article explains the Google feeds you need in your Google admin console whenever migrating TO and FROM G Suite. Please keep in mind that the Client Name to be used is: 114818336788408865729 Please refer to the admin guide to learn how to set permissions for Cloudiway service account in your Google tenant. Admin guide mail […]

How do I re-open a closed account

There is no option to re-open a closed account from the interface. Please log a ticket through our Support portal, providing a login name of your account.

How do I close a project?

If your project is over and you do not wish to keep the data in the platform anymore, you can close your project or whole account. To close a project, simply log into it and choose the option Close Project under the Project Settings. You can also access this area via your principal account, clicking […]

How do I change or update account passwords?

Change main account’s password If you wish to change your password of the main account in the Cloudiway platform, log into your account first. On the right panel choose an option Change Password. Enter your old and new passwords and click on Save at the bottom of the page. Change project account’s password To change the password […]

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