This article explains how Zimbra servers are migrated.

The Cloudiway migration platform supports Zimbra server migration.
There are two modes of migration:

  1. migration with an admin account that has all necessary delegations to all mailboxes; and,
  2. self-service migration (when it’s not possible to have a delegated admin account).

Scenario 2 will be used in case Zimbra is a hosted service where the provider cannot give you an account that have permissions to all mailboxes. In this case, you would use the standard self service mode where users migrate themselves by entering their credentials into a form.

How it works

The Cloudiway migration solution is a SaaS platform.
The migration requires the Zimbra server to be accessible from the SaaS platform.

Ports used

Cloudiway migration platform migrates the mails using IMAP.
Contacts and calendars are migrated using the native Zimbra APIs.

Imap ports:
143 : Standard imap port
993 : IMAP over SSL
You will use one of the two ports.

Zimbra admin port: 7071
By default, the Zimbra admin port is 7071. Cloudiway migration platforms needs to connect to the admin platform in order to retrieve information.

Web service ports:
By default, Zimbra web services are accessible through SSL port 443

Firewall rules:

If you want to set up a specific firewall rule, please contact our support team at to get our IP-address.