During a Mail migration from G Suite, you noticed that the size of target mailbox is different from the size of source mailbox.


There are several reasons why you can find the difference.

  • Formats of mails: your source and target email systems can keep the data in different formats (example, HTML or Plain text formats)
  • Encoding of your mails: some of communication protocols use different encoding (example, UTF-8 or ASCII).
  • Ignored or duplicate mails. Please read more here about reasons, why some mails are not migrated.

That’s said the final size of the mailbox can not be used as an indicator of migration performance.
We invite you to check the Dashboard details to see the general statistics of your migration.


If you believe that there is anyway a missing mail, please open a support request, indicating :
– the source email;
– the title of missing email;
– its date and time.