You notice the following error message in your migration logs:
Fatal Error : GetClientContext : Second Try Failed : : The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state


This is because the platform is not able to connect to your account.

Cause 1

This issue could be due to your OneDrive/SharePoint Online configuration, like an invalid admin account or an invalid password.
To check if the admin credentials are correct, try to connect with your admin account to your Office 365 portal.

Cause 2

Your account is connecting to SharePoint through an ADFS or a SSO portal.

Cause 3

The email address of user is incorrect or not complete.


Resolution 1

To solve the problem, set a correct admin-name/password in your OneDrive/SharePoint Online configuration.

Resolution 2

To solve the problem, you must use a migration account that bypasses ADFS/SSO and that would be able to authenticate with a username/password.
If you use an administrator in the format, it will not try to authenticate using ADFS.


Resolution 3

To solve the problem, ensure that email address is correctly set in the platform . If you migrate to One Drive, It should be in the format of email (, without any spaces before or after and the same as in the target One Drive.