G Suite to Office 365 mail migration limitations and throttling policies

Performance: G Suite to Office 365 mail migration There are several considerations regarding email migration performance. The Cloudiway migration platform uses all available resources to provide the fastest migration possible and can support both small and large migrations. The on-demand migration engine allocates the capacity that you need to migrate the volume of data of your […]

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Cloudiway mail migration tool interface

Mailbox migration tool

Cloudiway’s mailbox migration tool helps businesses perform technical migrations through a simple SaaS interface. Available from a simple web browser, Cloudiway’s mailbox migration tool requires no additional software installation or overhead, and migrations can be performed securely and quickly. The Cloudiway platform is flexible enough to support all types of mail migration paths, from G Suite to […]

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Clipboard mailbox migration

Mailbox Migration Strategies: Cutover VS Staged

Two of the most common migration strategies are cutover and staged migrations. Cutover strategies involve migrating all mailboxes over a weekend, ready for your users on Monday morning. Staged strategies provide more flexible migration options, as explained below: 1. The cutover migration strategy You migrate everybody over a weekend. This strategy is the simplest to implement. […]

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