This article explains the mechanism of the Get Sites tool during a site migration. It applies to both Google Site migrations and SharePoint site migrations.

What is ‘Get Sites’?

Get Sites is a Cloudiway tool that can retrieve the list of all your sites. It will only process sites accessible from the administrator credentials added to the source connector configuration in Cloudiway. During the Get Sites request, Cloudiway will:

– retrieve all the sites of the source

– connect to each site listed

– display the accessible sites in the Site List view of Cloudiway (see details below).

1- Google sites in source

The sites retrieved by Google APIs will be listed and displayed in the Site List view in Cloudiway.

2- SharePoint sites in source

The Get Sites request will retrieve, collection by collection, the list of all the sites and sub-sites contained in the SharePoint source tenant. This list will then be displayed in the Site List view in Cloudiway.


Accessing Get Sites

To access the Get Sites tool on the Cloudiway platform, go to the Site Migration menu on the left, then click on Site List. From the action bar at the bottom of the screen, click on Migration, then Get Sites.

SharePoint site migration, Google Sites migrations with Cloudiway

You will be prompted to choose a connector

When should the Get Sites tool be used?

The Get Sites tool is used to identify all your sites, so it’s best to use this before performing any site audits. Get Sites can be used more than once, if required. If you want to restart Get Sites, this task will update your list of sites only if sites or a collection of sites have been added in the source. Audit and Migration will not be altered for Sites or Collections that are already in the Site List. Caution: The Get Sites tool does not propagate deletions in the source tenant. If a deleted site is already in the Site List, Cloudiway will not delete it.