This article explains the prerequisites for a SharePoint Online migration to SharePoint Online.


These are the inputs needed for SharePoint Online migration:

  • An admin/password credential to access the source site collections
  • An admin/password credential to access the target site collections
  • A user mapping table: a mapping between the users from the SharePoint source to the SharePoint target
  • A group mapping table: a mapping of the SharePoint source Security Groups to the SharePoint target Security Groups

See this article to upload the user mapping table.
See this article to upload the group mapping table.
Article showing a step-by-step guide to migrating SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online coming soon.

Prepare your migration

In order to migrate using best practice, prepare your tenants as follows:

  • Create all the target site collections where you want to migrate your SharePoint Online source site.
  • The Cloudiway SharePoint site migration tool migrates from a source configuration to the exact  target configuration.

Please make sure that the following settings are in both the source and target:

    • Site template
    • Working language
    • Time zone
    • Site collection name
  • Give the target administrator the rights to access to all the SharePoint target site collections.
  • Create the source and target connector in Cloudiway.
  • Prepare the mapping user table in CSV format and upload it to Cloudiway.