This article explains how to configure your  migration platform to migrate on premises sharepoint site collections to sharepoint online.


How it works:

A local agent runs on your on premises environment.

The agent periodically connects to the plaform on port SSL 443 and retrieves the migration jobs to run.

It then connects to the source sharepoint server and migrate its site collections to the target.



Supported versions:

Sharepoint 2013 minimum



Connect to the Cloudiway Migration Platform.

Step 1. Create the source and target connectors

Click on Site Migration.

Cloudiway Sharepoint site migration

Click on Source and create a sharepoint OnPremises Connector.
Cloudiway Sharepoint Onpremises migration

Fill the necessary informations.
Cloudiway Sharepoint Onpremises migration

Click on Target and create a sharepoint Online Connector.

Note by default, the platform uses a url to login to the SharePoint (a Worldwide option). If you have a tenant registered in China or in Germany , choose the corresponding option in the Server Region list.

Step 2. Local agent setup

From the source connector, download the local agent ( and its configuration file.

Prerequisites : Dotnet framework 4.5.

Unzip and copy configuration.json in the same directory.

The agent should run on a different server than the sharepoint server.

The agent will connect to the sharepoint server with the credentials of the logged on user.

  • On the server where the local agent will run, open a command prompt.
    • Navigate to the directory where you unzipped the local agent and run CIW.LocalAgent.exe
  • On the sharepoint server, create a folder c:\export
  • Share this folder with the user that will run the local agent, and name the share “Export”
    • For instance, if you plan to run the local agent with the identity of lab\migrator, share the export folder to lab\migrator and give it read and write permissions.

The agent is now up and running and ready to start migration jobs.

Step 3. GetList

In the cloudiway application, navigate to the site list.

    • Click on Migation
    • Click on Get Sites

Cloudiway Sharepoint Onpremises migration

The local agent connects every minute to the platform and retrieves the tasks to execute.

If everything goes well, you should see it get the job and lists the source site collections.

Step 4. Migrate

On the site list, select the site to migrate.

Click on Migration

Click on Start
Cloudiway Sharepoint Onpremises migration

The migration should start with the minute.