This article explains what is migrated during a migration from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online.

What is migrated?

  • Top Navigation bar
  • Quick Launch bar
  • Permissions
  • Structure of site
  • Welcome Page
  • URLs (rewritten during the migration)
  • Document Libraries
  • Lists (Discussion boards, Microfeeds, Announcements, Event Lists, Task Lists, Generic Lists)
  • Web parts
  • Composed Look included in SharePoint Foundation
  • Menu
  • Taxonomy
  • Content Type
  • Webfield
  • Metadata
  • Site content
  • Attachments
  • Delta migration (pages and documents only)



  • Each SharePoint site collection is migrated to an existing site collection.
  • Each site page is migrated through the same template in the target site collection.
  • Default and specific permissions are migrated through the site migration tool.
  • Contents in web parts are not modified through the site migration