Salesforce provisioning


The SalesForce connector synchronizes your Active Directory or any other directory (LDAP, Lotus Notes, Google Apps, Office 365) with SalesForce.
It helps you to manage your SalesForce accounts from your enterprise directory.

Your accounts are automatically created (provisioning) and deleted or disabled (Deprovisioning) in Salesforce.

Password Synchronization

Passwords are synchronized in real time between your Active Directory and SalesForce.

Objects provisioned

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Contacts
  • Passwords

The simplest way to manage your SalesForce users from your local Active Directory is to create a group in Active Directory.
For example, create a group named SalesForceUsers.
Users added to this group are automatically created in Salesforce.
Users removed from this group are automatically deleted or disabled in Salesforce.

Salesforce provisioning

Naming conventions

Several naming conventions are available; for instance, Firstname.Lastname, samAccountName, email, etc.
Salesforce provisioning