CloudAnywhere is shipped with a portal for password resets to help reduce your costs associated to password change requests.
Your users can change their passwords without having to call their help desk.

Overview of the portal for password resets

The portal changes passwords in Active Directory and/or all SaaS-connected applications (eg Google, RunMyProcess, Office365, SalesForce,etc.).

Passwords can be changed in Active Directory and synchronized in the cloud or directly changed in the cloud.


Your users can use the reset password portal when they have lost their on-premises or cloud passwords.
Once they answer their secret questions correctly, they can access the reset password form.

This allows users to change their passwords in the Active Directory domain even if they don’t have a computer in the domain.

A notification tool is also provided that automatically sends emails to your users to warn them that their password is going to expire.
A user with an expired password can still change it without having to call a help desk.
Reset Password Portal

Access request portal

In addition to the password reset tool, the portal provides a self-service access request system.

The users have access to a list of the available resources (SaaS applications, On-Premises resources, etc…) and can request access.
The manager of the resource can authorize or deny the access.
If the manager accepts, access is granted to the resource. In case of a SaaS application (eg Google Apps, Salesforce, Office365), CloudAnywhere will automatically provision the account in the target system.

Requests are logged.
The managers of resources can configure a backup when they are not available to process requests.

Reset Password Portal
Reset Password Portal