CloudAnywhere is shipped with a connector for RunMyProcess that helps manage RunMyProcess identities.
Users and access can be centrally managed from your local Active Directory (or LDAP Directory).

RunMyProcess Provisioning


CloudAnywhere has a connector to provision the RunMyProcess platform.
It helps you manage access to the RunMyProcess platform from your local directory (Active Directory or other).

The simplest way to manage your access is to create a group named RMPUsers in your Active Directory and add or remove users.
Accounts will automatically be created or removed in RunMyProcess.
There are also several other ways to manage the access from CloudAnywhere.

RunMyProcess Provisioning


  • Provisioning and deprovisioning of users.
  • Password synchronization.
  • Automatic Provisioning of entities and roles:
    • either by mapping groups with entities or roles;
    • either by mapping organisational units with entities and roles;
    • mapping is done with mapping tables.

Multiple organization management

RunMyProcess Provisioning RunMyProcess Provisioning

Example of mapping table

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>


                <Domain domainName=””>

                               <OU source=”OU=EMEA,DC=domvirtu,DC=com” target=”BusinessOU”/>

                               <OU source=”OU=computers,OU=BCP,DC=domvirtu,DC=com” target=”ILINFO.FR/Business2″/>

                               <OU source=”OU=Users,OU=BCP,DC=domvirtu,DC=com” target=”ILINFO.FR/Business”/>


                <Domain domainName=”RMP”>

                               <GROUP source=”rmptstRole1″ target=”ILINFO:tstRole1″/>

                               <GROUP source=”rmptstRole2″ target=”ILINFO:tstRole2″/>