What is a Pre-staging migration?

A pre-staging migration is a multipass migration where you will migrate most of the mailbox items before the final cut-over.

This scenario is useful if network bandwidth is low and you estimate that you won’t be able to do your migration during a weekend.

Therefore, during a couple of days/weeks before your cut-over, you will migrate all the mails up to a certain date and calendars and contacts.
Then the day of your cut-over, you will be able to run a quick delta pass that will migrate the remaining items.

Cloudiway migration benefits

Cloudiway migration keeps track of items that it has migrated . Therefore, it’s able to run as many delta passes as you want without duplicating content.

Also, you can configure the range of dates that you want to migrate.

Date Global settings for mail migration

Typically for a pre-staging migration, you will set an “End” date in order to migrate all items created before this date.

For the final pass, you will remove the “End “date in order to migrate content created after this date.
And you will set this date as the “From” date in order to process only the unprocessed mails.