OneDrive to Google Drive migration

Due to the large number of heterogeneous types of data to migrate, moving from Office 365 to Google Drive is a big challenge.

This kind of migration involves:

  • moving users, distribution lists and company contacts from Office 365 to Google;
  • migrating mails, calendars, contacts, rooms and resources from Office 365 to Google;
  • migrating SharePoint sites to Google Sites; and,
  • migrating OneDrives to Google Drives.

Cloudiway brings solutions to each of these problems into a single product named Cloudiway Migration Services.
This article focuses on the Onedrive to Google Drive migration.

How is it working?

Cloudiway Migration Services allows you to migrate OneDrives to Google Drives without needing user credentials.

Migration is a three-step process:

  • Create a source connector to connect to OneDrive and define a source administrator that has access to all drives.
    Source One Drive connector
  • Create a target connector to connect to Google Drive and define a target administrator that has access to all Google Drives.
    Target Google connector
  • Define the users that must be migrated.
    Click on the User List menu and add your users.
    Add users to migrate

You are now ready to migrate.

Key Features

  • Cloudiway synchronizes the folders structures between OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • Cloudiway migrates all the files from OneDrive to Google Drive.
  • Cloudiway migrates permissions and shares.
  • Cloudiway supports delta migration. Only changes are pushed when you perform a second migration sweeo on the same user.
  • Batch Processing.
  • High availability and scalability.
  • SaaS solution with nothing to install. No problems with bandwidth.

How does it work?

The main benefit of Cloudiway Migration Services is that it maintains permissions during migration, allows an unlimited number of concurrent migrations and is performed by the administrator (so the end user is not involved).


Cloudiway is able to migrate your mails and OneDrives at the same time.
Cost reduction: one license to acquire for mail + OneDrive migration.

Next Steps

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