You are migrating to OneDrive, and during file preprocessing, you’re getting the following error:
Onedrive not provisioned


When you create a user, the OneDrive profile is created on the fly the first time that a user tries to access their OneDrive.
However, it’s possible to programmatically pre-provision the OneDrives.
See Microsoft article:

This is what is performed during the preprocessing: a request is sent to Office 365 asking to provision the OneDrive.
However, this is an asynchronous task and it only queues the request on Microsoft side: it could take some time to be executed by Microsoft.

The Cloudiway error message appears only if the provisioning is not completed within 5 minutes.


If the error message appears, it indicates that there is a bottleneck on the Microsoft side. The requests are still queued and not executed.
The Cloudiway platform cannot accelerate the process.

The only thing to do is to wait until Office 365 executes the request.
Once completed, restart preprocessing to complete the preprocessing task.
You can also ask the user to login to their OneDrive in order to trigger the creation of their profile immediately.