This article describes what is migrated during a migration from Office 365 to Office 365.

Mailbox migration


  • Mailboxes are migrated (emails, folders, contacts, calendars, tasks, inbox rules, notes, journal).
  • Primary and shared calendars are migrated.
  • Litigation hold folders are migrated by default.
  • Rooms and equipment are recreated.
  • Shared mailboxes are recreated and migrated.
  • In-Place Archives are migrated.
  • Permissions and delegations on mailboxes and calendars are migrated.
  • Rooms and resource calendars are migrated and the coexistence scenario is in place to allow reservation and cancellation before, during and after the migration.

Not migrated:

  • Conversation History (Skype history).
  • Out of office¬†messages.
  • Attachments to calendar events.
  • Calendar events older than 3 years.

OneDrive migration


  • OneDrives are migrated to OneDrives and/or SharePoint Online libraries.
  • Permissions on OneDrive documents are migrated when you migrate to OneDrive and SharePoint Online.
  • Folder structures.
  • Cloudiway migration keeps revisions and metadata (date of creation, date of modification, owner,etc.)
  • Cloudiway migration updates the “Shared with me” view so that your users know which files are shared with them.

Office 365 Unified Groups

Cloudiway migrates Office 365 Unified Groups to Office 365 groups or to shared mailboxes.
Check out our article Office 365 Groups migration for additional information.

SharePoint Sites migration

Cloudiway migrates SharePoint sites to SharePoint online sites.
Check out our Admin guide for SharePoint to SharePoint migrations for additional information.