What is an Unknown migration status

This status indicates that the migration of the mailbox, drive or site was undertaken at least six months ago and data from this migration was eventually deleted, or that an unknown error has occurred in more recent migrations.

Cloudiway migration platform is designed as a migration engine, not a long-term synchronisation tool (our coexistence platform may be used for long-term sharing of data between different systems). Our policy for data migration is to discard all details relating to migrations undertaken at least six months earlier. Therefore, we don’t keep migration data for more than six months. Data older than six months will be automatically deleted. Therefore, all users from migrations completed six months earlier on the Cloudiway migration platform will be marked with a status of Unknown and migration will not be restarted.

In rare cases, the error might occur during a more recent migration.

What actions can I take?

  • If the error has occurred on a migration older than six months and you wish to remove it from the user list, you can open a support ticket to clear the user list.
  • If the error has occurred more recently, please open a support ticket with the details of the user and we will investigate what source of the problem.