What is a License Exceeding migration status?

Some licenses have limitations in term of volume that can be migrated. Trial licenses are limited to 100MB, educational licenses are limited to 3GB, and standard licenses are limited to 50GB (for mail) and 25GB (for files).
When the volume allowed to be migrated is reached, migration stops and exits with the status License Exceeding.

What action can I take?

You can transform the license to a full license and restart the migration.

  • To purchase a full license, go to the Buy page in Cloudiway;
  • To switch your license, follow this article: Switch Your License.

If a user with a standard license has a mailbox of more than 50GB or files of more than 25GB, please open a support ticket. Please make sure you include a screen dump showing the total size of the mailbox, which can be found from the Admin centre of G suite or Office 365.