What is a Completed migration status?

This status indicates that the migration of the user, mailbox or site from the source site is complete.
Be careful: this does not mean that 100% of the data has been migrated to the target.
Therefore, a migration status can be marked as Completed yet still be incomplete (not 100%).
Completed status means that all the data that had to be read has been read.
A migration will be incomplete if:

  • the administrator specified a start and end date (for example, if the admin chose to migrate the six last months of data; once done, the migration will end with a status completed, but not all the data will have been migrated);
  • if an error occurs (Cloudiway guarantees an overall migration of 99.9%) the migration will finish with a Completed status but will not be migrated at 100%; or,
  • if a mailbox contains items that are not mails (eg: meeting requests): they will not be migrated, but will be counted in the total, causing a Completed migration status, but again showing a figure under 100%.

What action can I take?

  • You can restart the migration (delta pass).