Cloudiway supports migration to online archives for Office 365 and Amazon WorkMail from standard mailboxes of any source connector on the Cloudiway mail migration platform..

Archive Migration

When migrating to Office 365 or Amazon WorkMail, you have the option to migrate to online archives.
This article applies to Office 365 as a target.

This is an important function because moving data to the archive will preserve your bandwidth.
After the migration of a mailbox, the Outlook client downloads it to the local cache (.ost file).
If you perform a big bang over a weekend, on Monday morning, all your users are likely to start Outlook for the first time at around the same time, causing a glut of entire mailbox downloads.
This can be avoided by partially migrating data to an online archive. The data will remain online and accessible from each user’s inbox (called the ‘In-Place Archive’ folder in Office 365).

Note: For Office 365, you must ensure that In-Place archiving is switched on within your Exchange Admin center (you can bulk-activate using the instructions on TechNet).

Configure Cloudiway Migration platform

In the target connector configuration, activate Archive mails older than x days and define the cut-off date to migrate to the archive (the example below defines mails older than 3 months).
Migrate to Office 365 archives