Mailbox migration

Cloudiway is able to do your migration from Office 365 to Google Apps and migrate your users, mailboxes, files and sites.
This article explains how to migrate your mails, contacts, calendars, rooms and tasks from Office 365 to Google Apps.

Connect to Cloudiway Migration Platform

Step 1: Create a source connector in Cloudiway Migration platform of type Office 365.

Click on Mail Migration > Sources and click on New.
Select an Office 365 connector.
Note: You can also start the wizard and select this migration scenario.
Source Office 365 connector

Define a migration account and give it impersonation permissions in Office 365.
Note: This task is performed automatically in Cloudiway (only if the migration account is also administrator of the tenant. If this is not the case, manually set the permissions by following : How to set impersonation in Office 365).

Configure Source Office 365 connector

Step 2: Create a target connector of type Google

In a similar way that you created a source connector, click on Targets and then create a target connector of type Google.

Configure target Google connector

Step 3: Migrate

Create your users, select them and click on Start. The migration will start automatically.