As explained in this article, it is difficult to migrate a domain name from one Office 365 tenant to another.
This is because during such migration, the domain name remains unavailable during two days and mail delivery is affected during this time.

To combat mail delivery problems during mail migration, some companies have had to migrate back to a temporary on-premises Exchange infrastructure and then migrate again to the target Office 365 domain.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution.
Cloudiway provides a mail routing platform that ease such migration and makes it transparent.

How does it work?

Cloudiway owns a mail routing platform that routes mails automatically from given domains to target domains.
You simply need to point your MX records to Cloudiway’s mail routing platform.
Cloudiway will configure it to deliver incoming mails intended to to the target domain of your choice (ie

Mail routing is completely transparent and mail headers are not modified in any way.
Every time a mail arrives intended for, it will be delivered to

When your domain is completely detached from your source tenant and you have reattached it to the target tenant, point your MX records to the target Office 365 tenant and stop using the Cloudiway mail routing platform.

How to activate this service

This service is not available by default.
If you need this service, a dedicated pool of virtual machines will be built and installed close to your location (datacenter in the US, Europe or Asia).
Please contact us when starting your project and request a specific quotation.