What is an Audit of mailbox?

Cloudiway has developed a new tool for you, which allows to retrieve the number of mails in the user’s mailbox.
It helps you to identify, what mailboxes should be migrated first (as it can take longer to finish), to decide whether you would like whole content (including Trash, Litigation On hold, other) or not.

How to perform an Audit?

1. To perform an Audit, please go to the Mail User List and choose your user.
2. Click on the Migration button, then Audit.
How to start an audit

3. Once ‘DONE-Audit’ status is displayed, you can check the ‘Audit’ tab of the user.

What sources are supported?

Currently Audit is available only for Office 365 and G Suite as sources.

  • Information retrieved from the Office 365 source:
    How to start an audit
  • Information retrieved from G Suite source:
  • How to start an audit

Please note, user should have a Cloudiway license assigned to perform an Audit task.