Lotus Notes to Active Directory synchronization

CloudAnywhere is shipped with a built-in connector for Lotus Notes.

This connector allows you to synchronize your Domino Address book (names.nsf) with the targets of your choice (Active Directory, Google Apps, Office 365, SalesForce, etc.).


This document explains how to setup the synchronization between your Domino Servers and Active Directory and keep your Domino directory and Active Directory users and groups in sync.


The Lotus Notes Ccnnector synchronizes:

  • Users;
  • All kinds of groups;
  • All available attributes.


  • A Lotus Notes client must be installed on the CloudAnywhere server.
  • The Lotus Notes client must be properly configured to be able to connect to a Domino server. The CloudAnywhere connector will use the notes.id defined in the Notes.ini of the Notes Client.
Step 1 Create a Domino Connector:
Click on Configuration
Click on New
Select Domino Directory:

Domino synchronization 1
Configure the connection to a source Domino server:

Domino synchronization 1

Step 2 Configure the attributes that you want to synchronize.
By default, all relevant attributes are already synchronized.
You can modify the list to fit your needs.Domino attributes synchronization 
Step 3 Eventually, configure the accounts that you want to exclude from synchronization (Filters)Domino filters 
Step 4 Create your target:

Domino to active directory synchronization
And Configure it:


Step 5 Configure the synchronization between the source and the targetDomino provisioning 

Your synchronization is now in place.