This article explains what is migrated during a Lotus Notes migration.

What is migrated

Cloudiway migration platform migrates mails, contacts, calendars and folder structures, plus mail archives and delegations.

Users and distribution lists can be migrated using CloudAnywhere:

Special note for personal contacts migration

Personal contacts are stored in the personal address book of the users and reside in the desktop of each user.
However, it’s possible to enable an option that will replicate the contacts to the mail databases of the users and personal contacts will become available on the server side and Cloudiway will be able to migrate them.

Archives migration

Cloudiway migrates the archives of users hosted on the servers. It uses the default path defined in the address book (archive\username…).
If archives are stored in a different location, you can use a mapping table to declare where archives are located.
For more information, see article: