This article explains how to migrate Lotus Notes mailboxes using Cloudiway.

The following articles explain the overall solution and how it works:

The migration of Lotus Notes requires an agent hosted on premises that interfaces with the Cloudiway platform.

1. Create a Lotus Notes Connector

Login to Cloudiway.
From the Mail Migration tab, create a new source connector of type Lotus Notes.

Lotus Notes Connector

In the connector :

  • Set the servername to connect to.
  • Set the password used to unlock the (The agent uses the defined in the Notes.ini of the client).

Once the connector is created, you can download the agent and its configuration file from the connector.
The agent doesn’t require any installation. It just has to be downloaded from the Lotus Notes connector and to be run from a computer where the Lotus Notes client is installed.

2. Migrate the users

Create your users from the user list and click on Start migration
The selected users get flagged as Agent Scheduled.
The agent will periodically wake up, connect to the platform and migrate the users marked as scheduled.

Lotus Notes user list

3. Migrate the archives

Cloudiway Migration platform also migrates Lotus Notes archives.
The following article explains how to migrate the archives.