Migrate your Domino servers without pain and start your migration within a few minutes.
See how below.

Lotus Notes migration: introduction

Cloudiway Migration platform natively supports Lotus Notes migration.


  • No software installation.
  • The only thing you need to install is a small agent on premises on a Lotus Notes client.
    This agent interfaces with the Domino server and the Cloudiway Migration platform.
  • Your migration is entirely managed from the SaaS platform where you define your users, start and stop the migrations and review the migration logs.

IAM integration

Combined with CloudAnywhere, this will also migrate your address books (users, distribution lists and contacts) to the Active Directory (For On Premises Exchange migration) or to Office 365 or Google.
It supports cascaded address books and additional address books can be provisioned as contacts (GALSync – Global Address List synchronization) scenario.