Cloudiway supports IMAP migration.
This article explains how to migrate your IMAP server to Google Apps, Office 365 or Exchange.

IMAP migration with Cloudiway

There are several IMAP servers on the market, each working differently.
One of the biggest challenges for IMAP migration is to be able to create an IMAP administrator account with permissions to read all mailboxes (search the web for IMAP delegated account, IMAP impersonation, etc.).
Some implementations do not support administrator accounts (for example, accounts that have permission to access all mailboxes).

Cloudiway supports two modes of IMAP migration:

  • When it’s possible to define an administrator account that has access to all mailboxes, select this mode. This requires no user interaction and the administrator can migrate all the mailboxes without knowing user passwords.
  • If it’s not possible to define a super IMAP administrator account, you must either reset or collect the passwords of your users.
    Fortunately, Cloudiway offers an alternative: the self-service migration.
    In this mode, when the administrator of the migration defines a user in Cloudiway, a mail is sent to the user.
    When the user clicks on the link contained in the mail, he is prompted to enter his IMAP credentials and when he click on Start, the migration begins automatically.
    Note: the migration occurs on Cloudiway servers. Once the migration has started, the user can close the browser window or shutdown their computer without affecting the migration. The self-service engine is used to simply collect the credentials and send them to the migration engine hosted in Cloudiway data centers.

Imap Self Service configuration

IMAP migration

Postfix IMAP server migration

It’s not possible to create an admin account in a postfix server that has access to all mailboxes.

However, each user can have two passwords — a standard password and a magic password.
You need to set the same magic password for all accounts in postfix.
In the Cloudiway connector configuration, leave the administrator field blank. Cloudiway will use the password defined in the connector as the magic password and authenticate each user using this password.

Cyrus IMAP servers migration

Cyrus IMAP servers do not permit admin accounts that have permissions to all mailboxes.
The solution is to use the self-service migration scenario.
Each user will enter their own credentials. You, as administrator, won’t have to collect or reset their passwords.

Authentication with magic password

Leave the administrator username field blank. This indicates to our platform to use the administrator password as magic password.
In this mode, when a migration starts, the IMAP authentication uses this mode: Imap.Connect(userEmail, MagicPassword).