This article explains how to use the partner interface

The partner interface is intended to customers who want to manage several projects at the same time.
This interface provides functionality so you can:
– create many projects;
manage your licenses between projects;
manage your projects directly from the partner account;
 close and clear a project when a job is completed; and,
delegate access to a project to a given customer.

How do I create a new project account?

Create a new project by clicking on “Create” in the action bar in the bottom.

Partner Interface

Then fill the popup where:

– “Name” is a label for your project

– “Email” is the email of manager/owner; all mails for this project will be send to it

– “Company” is the name of the company used for this project

– “Country” is the country of the company used for the project; it determines the datacenter where jobs will be run

– “Login name” is the login name used for this account (delegated account)

– “Password” is the password of the project (delegated account password)

– “Phone number” is the number of the contact person.

Partner Interface

Then click on “Create”.

Partner Interface

How to use project account?

Using a project account from your partner interface is very easy. All you have to do is to select the project in the list and click on “Switch to Customer” in the action bar below.

Partner Interface

The project is now active. You are in the context of this project.

However, the partner interface and the account menu in the upper right remain in the context of the main partner account. It means that in order to see the licenses assigned to a project you have to log out and log in with the delegated credentials to see the licenses from the account menu in the upper right.

Partner Interface

To return to the partner account, click on “Switch to Partner” on the partner interface.

Tip: You can click on the project name (orange button) to return directly to the partner customers list.

How do I use the delegated credentials?

When you create a new project in the partner interface, it’s a real account.

If you create a new project in the partner interface with “login name” project2 you can log with this account from the login page.

Partner Interface

How to assign licenses to your project account?

To assign licenses to your project, go to your partner interface and select the project by clicking on it and click on “Assign Licenses” in the action bar in the bottom.

Partner Interface

Fill in the popup where:

– “Quantity” is the number of licenses to allocate

“License” is the type of licenses

Partner Interface

Click on “Assign” and licenses will be moved from the partner account to the project account.

I assigned more licenses than I needed on a project: what can I do?

You can move licenses between projects.

First, in the partner interface, switch to the project from where you want to remove licenses.

Once in the context of the project, select the target project and click on “Assign licenses” to reallocate your licenses.

How to delete a project?

When a project is done or if you want to delete a project, click on “Close Project” in the bottom bar.

Partner Interface

This will send a deletion request and block the account, we will send you an email to confirm the deletion and delete the account.

Partner Interface

Tips: Why do we recommend you close projects?

–          All migration data will be deleted

–          all connectors configuration will be deleted (e.g. admin password)

–          The company information will be removed.


The pdf-version of this guide is available here: Project Interface Guide

Note: By default, accounts without activity for 90 days are contacted and then deleted.