Notes to procedure

This article can be applied for mail migration, as well as for file migration.
This article describes the procedure for upgrading a licence:

    • from Trial to Standard

Locked with a trial license

    • from non-profit to Standard

Locked with an educational license

Please note, you need to have at least one Standard license available to perform a license switch. If you don’t have any license available, your user will stay locked and you will not find the ‘Switch’ option.

Locked with no license available.PNG

1. Go to the User’s list (Mail User List or File User List).
2. Choose your user and go to ‘Edit User’ tab.

Locked with an educational license

3. Click on ‘StandardMail’ button

Validate Upgrade license

After a switch, you will find your user with the Standard license assigned. The user remains locked and in status License Exceeded, but you can restart your migration.
In the right upper corner you should find a confirmation message ‘License upgraded’.

Upgrade license is done