This article explains how to troubleshoot an access denied message in Google.

When using a Cloudiway product, you may hit one of these errors while connecting to Google Apps:

  • Fatal Error : Error:”invalid_grant”, Description:””, Uri:””
  • Error:”invalid_grant”, Description:”Not a valid email.”, Uri:””
  • Error:”unauthorized_client”, Description:”Unauthorized client or scope in request.”, Uri:”
  • The API (name of API) is not enabled for your project.
  • The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden (for mail migration).
  • Error:”invalid_client”, Description:”The OAuth client was not found.”, Uri:
  • Error:”unauthorized_client”, Description:”Client is unauthorized to retrieve access tokens using this method.”, Uri:

When opening a support ticket, please provide the following information:
Log in to
Select your project.

1. API activation Checking

Provide a screenshot of the dashboard showing the activated APIs.
Google API Activation in console API

2. Service Account validation

Click on Credentials.
Provide a screenshot of the credential.

Google Service Account

Then click on Edit.
Provide a screenshot that shows the domain-wide delegation, Client ID and Service account.
Google Service Account details

3. Certificate Matching

Click on Manage service accounts.
Provide a screenshot showing the KeyID.

Google Certificate FingerPrint

4. Scope validation

Open the Google administration console and provide a screenshot of the feeds assigned to the service account.
Google Feeds

5. Cloudiway Google connector

Provide a screenshot of the Google Connector

Cloudiway Google connector