Cloudiway migration supports migration of Google Vault mail archives to Office 365 mail archives.

Archive migration

This article explains how to migrate from a source Google Vault mail archive to a target Office 365 archive. There are two important points to consider:

  1. The platform must connect (bind) to the source archive mailbox rather than the online mailbox.
  2. The platform must migrate the data to the target archive mailbox rather than the online mailbox.

To ensure these points are met, the Cloudiway platform provides a special Archive area for listing users.

1. Buy an additional volume migration package

There is no special license to assign per user because the platform uses quota assigned to your account to perform your archive migration. You can therefore create the user list of archive mailboxes without needing to buy anything. You will, however, need to buy an Additional volume migration package before you can start your archive migration. This can be done from the Cloudiway platform where you normally buy licenses, or you can get in touch with our sales team (

2. Configure the source

Create your source Google Vaults connector and enter your credentials. This is the same process as creating any source connector, except you’re using a specific connector for Google Vaults.

Cloudiway Google Vaults mail archive migration

3. Configure the target

Create your Office 365 target connector (or the target connector of your choice) and enter your admin credentials.

Note: If you’re migrating to Exchange On-Premises or Gmail, archive mail will be migrated to a standard user inbox only.

. Cloudiway Office 365 migrate mail archive

For Office 365 or Amazon WorkMail targets, make sure you activate the option Archive mails older than x months and keep the months at zero to ensure all archive mail is migrated. Archive mail will appear as an In-Place.

Note: You can use this option to send archived mail to different places. For example, if you leave the Archive mails older than x months switched off, all emails will be placed int he target user’s inbox directly. If you activate it and specify, for example, three months, all mails older than three months will be migrated to the user’s In-Place archive and newer emails will be migrated to the user’s inbox. Any migration from an existing archive, regardless of its target, requires the archive migration data package rather than a user license on the Cloudiway platform.

4. Define the archive user list

To ensure only archives are migrated, you must define the list of archive mailbox users in the Archive area of the Cloudiway platform. From the Mail migration area, click on Archive. From here, you can add users individually (via a form field) or upload via CSV (you can download a sample CSV file to ensure you have the correct columns to upload). Office 365 mail archive migration solution from Cloudiway Remember, you will need to buy an Additional volume migration package before you can start your archive migration.