During Google Site migration, the Cloudiway platform uses the login details you provided to access all sites with admin rights. If you have switched on two-step authentication for this login, Google will send a code that’s inaccessible to Cloudiway. You will need to turn off two-step verification for successful site migration.

You may have already been notified of the problem via an error message when using Get Sites on the Cloudiway platform.

To disable two-step verification:

  1. Login to the Google account that you set up for site migration.
  2. Go to the account’s security settings (normally at https://myaccount.google.com/security).
  3. Scroll down to the Signing into Google section (or search for ‘2-step verification’).
  4. If two-step verification is activated, select Turn off 2-step verification and confirm if prompted.
    The feature will now be displayed as turned off:

2-step authentication during Google site migration

For more information about setting up your Google account for site migration, see the knowledge article: kb.cloudiway.com/google-site-to-sharepoint-migration-pre-requisites/.