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During a migration from Google Apps to Office 365, you will need to retrieve all the users, groups and contacts and recreate them on the fly in Office 365, as well as keep  group memberships and specific attributes such as mail addresses and aliases.

CloudAnywhere achieves this migration in a few clicks.
Users and groups are migrated, mail adresses and aliases are preserved and mail domain transformation is automatically performed if you migrate from to
Licences are automatically assigned in Office 365.


This document explains how to setup synchronization between Google Apps and Office 365 and how to keep your Google Apps and Office 365 users and groups in sync.


The Google Connector synchronizes:

  • Users;
  • All kind of groups;
  • All available attributes;
  • All Contacts.
Step 1 Create a Google Connector:
Click on Configuration
Click on New
Select Google as source
Google to Office 365 migration
Configure the connection to Google:
Google to Office 365 migration
Step 2 Configure the attributes that you want to synchronize.
By default, all relevants attributes are already synchronized.
You can modify the list to fit your needs.
Step 3 Eventually, configure the accounts that you want to exclude from synchronization (Filters)
Domino filters
Step 4 Create your target:
Domino to Office 365 synchronization
And Configure it:

Domino to Office 365 synchronization

Step 5 Configure the synchronization between the source and the targetGoogle to Office 365 provisioning

You synchronization between Google and Office365 is now in place.

Click on the Pull button.

Click on the reconcile buttons.

Your objects are now migrated. You’re ready to migrate your mailboxes.