This article describes what is migrated during a migration from Google Apps to Office 365.

  • Users and attibutes, groups and contacts are migrated to Office 365, and licences are automatically assigned.
  • Mailboxes are migrated (emails, labels, contacts, calendars, tasks).
  • Primary and secondary calendars are migrated.
  • Rooms and resources are migrated.
  • Permissions and delegations on mailboxes and calendars are migrated.
  • Rooms and resource calendars are migrated and the coexistence scenario is in place to allow reservation and cancellation before, during and after the migration.
  • Google Drives are migrated to OneDrives and/or SharePoint Online libraries
    => You might decide to transfer documents between Google Drive and OneDrive and migrate some users to SharePoint libraries.
  • Permissions on Google Drive documents are migrated when you migrate to OneDrive and SharePoint Online.