Before a Google Sites migration can begin, four tasks must be performed:

  • Create a Google Site source connector
  • Create a SharePoint site target connector
  • Upload the user and site group mapping tables
  • Audit the Google Drive users

This article explains the prerequisites to those tasks for a successful Google Site migration.

Google site source connector

There are three mandatory pieces of information needed to set up a Google Site connector: an administrator name/password, a service account and the pair phone number/favorite logon location.

#1. Administrator name/password

To access the admin sections of each Google Site’s elements to be migrated and to retrieve Google Site content, the administrator username/password for the whole Google Site is required

Google site Administrator_Password

#2. Service account

A service account with permissions to access Google Drives and Google Site feeds needs to be created.

Google site Service Account

See this article for creating an admin account for Cloudiway migration.
Also see this video for creating a Google service account for Cloudiway migration

#3. Phone number and favorite logon location

During authentication, Google can submit several type of challenges. The Cloudiway Google Site migration solution supports two type of challenges:

  • Phone number challenge; and,
  • Favorite logon location challenge.

Fill in the following fields so that the tool will be able to authenticate wityh your Google Sites automatically

Google site Security Questions

Please note: For both source and target, two-step authentication is not supported and will have to be by-passed before migration can start (instructions to turn off 2-step authenication here).

SharePoint site target connector

SharePoint access requires a simple admin/password credential with full control permissions on all SharePoint target tenants.

Site mapping tables

To map the Google Site users and site groups to SharePoint users and Security groups, two mapping tables need to be uploaded to the platform:

  • a site user mapping table: a CSV file that will map the users of the whole source tenant to the target tenant; and,
  • a site group mapping table.

See this article to upload the site users mapping table.
See this article to upload the site group mapping table.

Audit of Google Drives

An audit on all Google Drive users needs to be performed before any site migration.

Question: Why is this mandatory?

Answer: To retrieve all the Google Drives embedded in your Google Sites.

See this article to learn more about embedded Google Drives in Google Sites.
See this article to perform a step-by-step Google Drive audit.