How does migration of site permissions work?

The migration of site permissions is achieved by the site migration platform in two steps:

  • create target site groups; and
  • add user to target site groups.

1. Create target site groups

Three SharePoint groups are created in the target:

  • [sitename]_reader
  • [sitename]_writer
  • [sitename]_owner

These groups will be used to store the three kinds of permissions that users have on sites (Reader, Contributor and Administrator).
Three groups created

2. Add user to target site groups

Google Sites Permissions are listed by the platform and users are automatically added to the three groups created in the target:
User with Read permission to the group [sitename]_reader.
User with Writer permission to the group [sitename]_writer.
User with Owner permission to the group [sitename]_owner.

Permissions in Google Site :
Permissions in google Site
Permissions in SharePoint: Reader group:
Permissions in Sharepoint reader

To translate email addresses from Google to SharePoint, our platform uses a mapping table.
This mapping table is defined in the Mapping Tables USERS and GROUPS of the platform:

  • For each user, you need to define firstname, lastname, source email and target email (firstname and lastname have to be the same as in your Google Apps account).
  • Groups can also be defined in the same way when you click on the ‘Groups’ button to access the GROUPS mapping table.
  • You don’t need to assign licences to these users, they will be used only as a mapping table, not for migration.

Mapping table line for our reader :
Users mapping table