This article explains how to allow coexistence of rooms, resources and equipment between G Suite and an external system such as Exchange or Office 365.

Important consideration:
Google Rooms and resources cannot be booked outside of a Google client calendar (you can test this by trying to send an appointment to the email address of a Google resource from a different calendar client).
Our system will allow you to query the availability from an external system, but you still won’t be able to book it. This might suffice for your business, but if not, there’s a workaround.

Workaround to allow rooms, resources and equipment to be booked:

The solution to allow Google-based rooms, resources and equipment to be booked is to migrate the rooms and resources to Office 365.

Office 365 does not have the same limitation and you will be able to book Office 365 resources from Google calendars as well as from Office 365 calendars and Exchange calendars.

Querying free/busy time of Google resources without needing to book:

If your goal is to just be able to query the free/busy availability of a Google resource from Exchange or Office 365, you can configure Cloudiway coexistence to query its free/busy, without worrying about the workaround explained above.

All Google resources are in the domain named For all customers, resources are under this domain. To be able to query free/busy availability of Google resources, you must do two things:

  • Add an Add-AvailabilityAddressSpace for the foreign domain
  • Upload a CSV file containing the definition of all your resources. The Cloudiway coexistence platform will use this list to determine that these resources should be looked up in your tenant.