This article describes the Get Groups task, that can be performed before migrating Google Groups to Office 365 groups.

Please note that this tool helps list all your groups: it is not obligatory to performing any group migration. You can create your entire group list using the Create Single option if you prefer.

How to use Get Groups

1. Configure your source connector

2. Click on Group list

3. At the bottom of the screen, select Migration, then Get Groups
Google Groups Get Groups
4. See the progress of Get Groups task in the logs, which are accessed in the top right corner of the window
Google Groups Get Groups Working

Once Get Groups has completed, you see all groups in your group list
Google Groups Get Groups List
IMPORTANT: Groups must have the migration account set as a manager or owner to be retrieved and listed.

To check this, go to your group  in Google Groups, then click on Members.
Google Groups Members

The migration user details you used to set up your source connector on the Cloudiway platform should appear in this list.
Google Groups Migration User Member.png


Note: By default, Target Recipient Type is Office 365 Unified Groups. After performing the Get Groups task, this type will be assigned automatically to all retrieved groups.

Next, assign a target connector and license to each group. You are ready to migrate!