This article explains how to migrate your files between Google Drive and OneDrive or SharePoint Online libraries.

How does Cloudiway migration work?

Cloudiway migration allows you to migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive without needing the credentials of your users.
We recommend you migrate personal data to OneDrive and collaborative content to SharePoint Online libraries.
Collaborative content means data that is shared across the company or between members of a same team or project.
Even if you’re able to share data in OneDrive, the right place for shared content is SharePoint libraries.

Migration is a five-step process:

  1. Create a source connector to connect to Google Drive and define a service account that has access to all Google Drives;
  2. Create a target connector to connect to OneDrive and define a target account that will have access to all OneDrives;
  3. Create your users in Cloudiway migration platform;
  4. Run the pre processing task, create the onedrive profiles and set the permissions automatically to the migration account;
  5. Now your’re ready to migrate.

Key Features

  • Cloudiway synchronizes the folder structures with OneDrive or with Sharepoint libraries of your choice;
  • Cloudiway migrates all the files from Google Drive to OneDrive;
  • Cloudiway automatically converts Google Drive file formats to Microsoft Office file formats;
  • Cloudiway migrates permissions and shares;
  • Cloudiway keeps revisions and metadata (date of creation, etc…);
  • Cloudiway updates the “Shared with me” view so that your users know which files are shared with them;
  • Cloudiway supports delta migration: you can migrate the same user twice, and only changes to the first migration are pushed, without creating duplicate content;
  • Cloudiway supports batch migration and is designed for high-volume migrations;
  • Cloudiway is a SaaS application: you don’t have to install anything and we have migration engines all around the world (APAC, EMEA, NA, etc…).

What is the migration process?

The main benefit of using Cloudiway for migrating your data from Google Drive to OneDrive and SharePoint Online is that it migrates and maintains permissions.
To achieve this, Cloudiway uses the following logic:
During the migration of a Google Drive, only files that the user owns are migrated.
For example, if you migrate a Google Drive that has two files (one created by the user and one shared with the user), only the file created by the user will be migrated.

The file shared with the user is not migrated at this step. It is migrated when the Google Drive of the owner of the file is migrated; since permissions are migrated, the document will automatically appear in the “Shared with me” view of the other user.

Cloudiway does not migrate empty folders (empty folders will not appear in the target).

To migrate permissions correctly, all users must be defined and created in Cloudiway: the list of users is used as reference for mapping source usernames and target usernames, especially when naming conventions differ between the source and the target.


Cloudiway is able to migrate your emails, Google Drives and Google Sites at the same time without creating duplicate content.
Cloudiway brings a methodology for migrating Google Drives to OneDrive and SharePoint Online and will avoid making the common migration mistakes due to the different behavior between the two systems.