Switch Domain Name

When to run it

At the end of your migration when you have modified the primary STMP addresses of the source or of the target.

What it does

When the source or the target is an Exchange or Office 365 system, the email defined at the source must be the primary SMTP address. As soon as the migration of a user has started, the user license is locked to prevent it being used to migrate another user. However, during migration, you might need to change the primary SMTP address of a user.

If this impacts only one or two users, please open a support ticket requesting the address change. If you’re willing to mass rename all the user list, you can use this tool.

It will transfer the source domain name to the target.

NOTE: The changes are applied only to the Cloudiway mail migration user list.


Before: user@domain.com -> user@targettenant.onmicrosoft.com

After: user@sourcetenant.onmicrosoft.com -> user@domain.com

The tool will rename all source and target emails and transfer the domain name of your choice from source to target.